“I have spent my life traveling across the universe, inside my mind.”

Within this portfolio collection, the artist directs their attention towards the intricate energies that permeate the universe and the profound forces of the cosmos. They possess a deep-rooted fascination with comprehending the vastness and complexities of the world that surrounds us, encompassing our collective perception of the global panorama as well as the expanse of the universe itself.​​​​​​​
(Part of the COSMOS collection)
· 100x100cm
· oil and gold leaf on canvas

The inaugural piece within this portfolio collection is a dedicated exploration of one of the most enigmatic phenomena known to humankind—the captivating realm of antimatter. Acting as a parallel reflection of ordinary matter, antimatter possesses equivalent mass but bears an opposing charge. When matter and antimatter converge, their encounter results in annihilation the antimatter, necessitating careful containment within magnetic fields.
The artwork elegantly portrays the essence of antimatter, enclosed within a symbolic circle. This visual representation encapsulates the presence of stored antimatter atoms, composed of a negatively charged antiproton encircling a positively charged anti-electron, also known as a positron. The painting masterfully captures this intriguing phenomenon.
Surrounding the antimatter depiction, a ring signifies the powerful magnetic force responsible for ensnaring and confining these elusive particles. Delicately chosen colors delineate the contrasting positive and negative charges, while golden leaves adorning the circle symbolize the allure and significance of magnetism. Furthermore, meticulously illustrated fibers serve as poignant reminders of the inherent volatility and fragility associated with antimatter.
Through this piece, the artist offers viewers a captivating visual narrative, inviting contemplation and appreciation of the intricate interplay between magnetic forces and the delicate nature of antimatter.
(Part of the COSMOS collection)
· 120x100cm
· oil on canvas

· 140x70cm
· oil  on canvas

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